The Power Of Commitment

If one word could single handedly determine success, what is that word? It is commitment. You can have purpose. You can have vision. You can have heart. But you need commitment to follow through. Commitment requires discipline and discipline helps you to change your habits. I want to share a few truths about commitments – truths that… Continue reading The Power Of Commitment

Focus: The Key To Success?

First a confession: As a high achiever, I am one of those individuals who has had significant periods of focus in my life. It has helped me achieve large and specific goals. We often hear about the necessity of focus to achieve our goals and how it is the key to success. Or is it? Focus is an attentiveness… Continue reading Focus: The Key To Success?

A Powerful Habit to Joy & Success

THREE SIMPLE WORDS. “IS IT TRUE?”   Asking yourself this question on a regular basis can have a very powerful impact on the direction of your life! Ah, I can hear the grumblings now…does this really work? Yes! In fact, this is considered a highly regarded well-being habit and will completely shift the way you… Continue reading A Powerful Habit to Joy & Success

4 Strategies to Help You Soar Through Change

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” Tom Stoppard   Have you ever been through a transition in your business, career or life that was well…a little muddy and murky? Perhaps, even turbulent? When faced with an unexpected or unwelcome transition, it’s human nature to immediately descend into fear and doubt. And unless you want your… Continue reading 4 Strategies to Help You Soar Through Change